Our biggest goal is consistent posting and a long term relationship with you, that creates sales and residual income you can count on!


What do you receive as part of the Viiva Social Influencer Program?


Your own custom promo code giving your audience 10% off all Viiva Products Wholesale pricing on any product you personally want to purchase New products sent to you when released Long term partnership with a progressive and exciting brand


10-25% commissions on all new and recurring sales through your promo code (10% on 0-$50K, 15% on $50,001-$250k 20% on $250,001-$500K and 25% on $500,001+) 5% commission on any influencer you bring to us, just have them use your promo code. Win win! Opportunity to also share and make commission on travel


Starter pack of product (10 samples of each) when you get started Free products sent to you each month when you hit $500 in sales Free merchandise and swag Free wholesale travel membership

What does Viiva ask of you as an influencer?

You are in control of your brand and you know best what your audience will respond to and what is authentic. We would love to see at least 1 dedicated post and 3-5 stories that incorporate Viiva. Here are some suggested number of posts depending on your platform:
1Instagram or Facebook post per month
3Instagram stories per month
1Youtube video highlighting a product you love
3-5Pins per month on Pinterest with repins each month
1Email about product or with recipes each month
1Blog post or recipe post per month